Welcome to the Park

View of the ornate park gate

Spout Yard Park is a community run park in the centre of Louth in Lincolnshire, England.

There are children's play areas, a delightful garden for relaxation, a performance space, Art gallery and kiosk selling refreshments.

We host events throughout the year. Check our Event Diary.

Spout Yard Park is Open

Spout Yard Park 2020

Spout Yard Park is open daily around 9:30am to 5:30pm. Kiosk is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, from 11am to 4pm. All times subject to variation due to weather and volunteer activity.

Please maintain social distancing guidelines when in the park.

Check our Facebook page www.facebook.com/spoutyardparklouth.

Free Entry

Wild Flower Beds in Spout Yard Park, Summer 2019

Beautiful Wild Flower Beds

Planted by children with the Louth Wildlife Watch, in April 2018, these wildlife havens are really coming into their own this year.

These native wild flowers are particularly good for native insects. They have been such a success that we are planning more areas of the park dedicated to wildlife.

Wild Flower Beds in Spout Yard Park, Summer 2019

Heavy Rainfall Floods Park

Early June rainfall caused the Lud to swell and overflow the steps and lower seating area. The new Louth Flood Defences were maintaining the flow rate, and the water only breached where we have steps down to the waters edge.

Extent of River Lud flooding in Spout Yard Park, June 2019
River Lud breaches the bank in Spout Yard Park, June 2019

The water has now subsided, leaving behind a thick trail of silt. Any volunteers to help clean up?

Spout Yard Park Flooding Aftermath, June 2019